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Edward Crinion

To Whom It May Concern As indicated in the accompanying profile, I have an outstanding track reco...
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Terry Drabiuk

Mr. Drabiuk earned his BA/Business Administration & Commerce in 2000 and his Computer Science Dip...
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Glen Vanderhaeghe

EXECUTIVE PROFILE Skilled in strategic financial planning, treasury, risk management, global stra...
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Shelley Thompson

Agri-business Consultant specializing in applied economic analysis Work experience with Saskatche...
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Carlos Gutiérrez

20 years of experience in animal nutrition and business administration running my own company. I ...
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Michael Sidra

Education: B.Sc., in environmental biology; After degree in Environmental Health; Currently compl...
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Gene Scott

I am an experienced Leadership and Project Management Facilitator / Trainer with expertise in hea...
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Aman Chaudhry

Professional Profile – Aman Chaudhry Aman Chaudhry, independent consultant registered with Corp...
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